Montreal Fashion Week – Comeback on Day 1 – Dimitri Chris

Going into this year’s Dimitri Chris fashion show, I definitely had high expectations. A year ago, the designer had presented his Spring-Summer 2011 collection on a runway lit up by fluorescent sticks, putting on the best show at the 19th edition of Montreal Fashion Week. How would he be able to top that?

Earlier Tuesday night, during Travis Taddeo’s fashion show, a couple of light bulbs held up by cables fell off the runway’s metal structure, revealing a wee bit of what was to come later. After waiting a little while longer than usual in the crowded lobby, I finally made my way to my seat, trying my best to avoid stepping on the wooden boardwalk, which served as the runway platform for Dimitri Chris’ Spring-Summer 2012 show. Appropriately named Cruise You, the show’s out-at-sea theme was respected all the way through, from the music (e.g., Lykke Li’s I Follow Rivers) to the decor.

Like last year, Dimitri Chris came up with well-tailored looks suitable for a classy dinner party just as well as a night out with some friends. For the first time, the line featured womenswear, including perky high-waisted beige shorts and pants, coupled with tucked-in white tops. On the men’s side, clean-cut jackets paired off with a tied scarf, tank top or loosely cut pair of shorts gave the ensembles a boyish spin, creating an interesting dynamic. Adding fun to the classic navy blue, black and white colours were sailboat prints on some of the beige pieces. However, a couple of outfits could have fared better with a little less of “fun” (e.g., the women’s beige jumpsuit and the men’s head-to-toe beige suit, both covered with – too many – boat prints).

Although the navy/sailor style has been around for quite a while now, Dimitri Chris managed to breathe new life into it by conceiving a sophisticated yet relaxed collection. Major points also for having the guts to cap off the evening on a lighter note with The Lonely Island’s silly tune I’m On A Boat!

[ All pictures courtesy of SMM 2011 - Credit: Jimmy Hamelin ]

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